Complimentary welcome call

We conduct a 30-minute Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp call to help us get to know each other better. Let’s talk about your plan of relocating to Australia (from Gold Coast to Byron Bay) and we’ll listen to your main concerns. We’ll answer your questions about what it’s like living in the new city, what to expect, what to do first, what to bring with you, etc. This is our chance to discuss your personal and family requirements so we can assist you better.

Welcome to Australia

We will personally pick you up from the airport and drive you to your temporary accommodation. As an extra service, we can also personally take you on a tour to explore your new surroundings. We’ll take this opportunity to discuss lifestyle, childcare, school options, medical information, best places to shop, where to dine, transportation and recreational activities available in your chosen area.

Welcome Pack

We provide guidance in legal information and policies in your chosen city. Our services include:

  • Application assistance for Tax File Number, ABN (if needed), superannuation, driver’s licence, 18+ card and medicare card (if applicable)
  • Support services for bank applications, such as setting up of bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards
  • Assistance in setting up utilities, including water, electricity, gas, Internet and mobile phone contracts.
  • Guidance in navigating the local public transportation system

Additional services can also be availed:

  • Assistance in creating a work resume and reference letter
  • Co-ordinate your first trip to the supermarket
  • Provide a list of reliable baby-sitters/nannies, cleaners, gardeners, interior designers, and coaches among our trusted partner networks

Welcome Home

Your new life in the new city begins in your new home, so finding the right home is central to every relocation project. We’re here to help you throughout your journey of finding a new home from the Gold Coast to Byron Bay.

We’ll put together an in-depth list of neighbourhood profiles based on your specific requirements to help you choose a property. This includes websites and portfolio where you can find suitable properties that meet your needs.

Home purchase

We’ll provide helpful information and advice on the best properties to purchase as well as advocate on your behalf during negotiations with the property owner to make sure that the best possible conditions are captured in the lease contract. We’ll also guide you through completing your check-in inspection and property handover.

Additional services include:

  • Furniture rental coordination
  • Assistance in property viewings
  • Follow up with property owner in case of unfinished repairs and modifications as agreed upon in the lease contract.

Welcome to Class

Finding a suitable school or childcare facility for your children is greatly challenging, especially if you are not familiar with the Australian educational system. We’ll help you understand the differences between private, public or Catholic educational systems, provide you tips on how to secure a place in a school, how the admission processes go, how to register and the fees involved.

We also offer the following additional services:

  • Identifying a school based on your children’s needs and other criteria such as personal preferences, location and budget.
  • Assistance in visiting shortlisted schools
  • Guidance in obtaining uniforms, school supplies and transportation to and from schools.

    Starting anew on the Coast or in the Valley?

    More than making you feel at home in your new surroundings, we’re dedicated to helping you establish the lifestyle of your dreams. So that you and your family will be ready to embrace your home on the other side of the world.