Our Story

We are Matthieu Sadaillan and Martha Passos, the husband-and-wife team behind Marlu Dream. We are a humble family who have migrated from our birth countries to Australia in 2009. Like any migrating family, we have experienced ups and downs throughout our journey towards establishing our permanent residency in the land down under.

Moving to a new country can be a source of stress for many. This is why Marlu Dream was created in the first place. We want to lift the pressure from your shoulders and encourage you to live the excitement of discovering something new.

Marlu Dream is locally and conveniently established in the Gold Coast to better assist clients in their expatriation to Australia. More than providing information and guidance about their new home country, we are also dedicated to helping individuals and families understand the change process as a whole.

Why Choose us?

We are not lawyers or immigration advisers. Like you, we are a family who have once aspired to find our dream home in Australia. And we did. So we want to help make relocation as seamless and stress-free for you and your own family. We’ll share with you profound, practical and personalised guidance to ensure a smooth and safe process.

We Care

We understand that every move is unique and that each individual has different emotions towards this big change in life. Combined with our personal experience in relocation, we also take the time to do a personalised and detailed study of each case to recommend the best ways to enter and reside in the country.

Who Are We

Matthieu Sadaillan

Matthieu has years of experience in the hospitality and restaurant management industry, and has been a professional sommelier for years. He is a French national who moved to Australia over 10 years ago. Before calling Australia home, Matthieu had the joy to live and work in the French Caribbean. His transition from one country to another inspired him to start helping expat individuals and families in their move to Australia through Marlu Dream.

    Martha Passos

    Martha is an experienced events coordinator and administrative professional with an exceptional track record in the hospitality industry. Daughter of an aviation pilot, Martha lived in countries such as Morocco, South Korea, Macau and Abu Dhabi. Her final migration to Australia from her home country Brazil has inspired her to help individuals and families like her who are making the big move to another country. This motivated her to form Marlu Dream, and through her experiences share her expertise and help expat families establish their dream lifestyle in Northern NSW or on the Gold Coast.