Our journey towards the Australian dream

January 8, 2020

I’ve always been a traveler. My dad being in the army, had us traveling with him to where ever he was deployed to – and that always excited me! When he decided to come back to France for good, I was then old enough to start my studies and get a job. Hospitality sounded easy and just natural to me.

My hospitaly career allowed be to travel around France. And then, France became to small…

After doing some researches and sending out as many resumes as I could, I got myself a gig in the most fashionable spot I knew: St Barts

Saint-Barthélemy (also known as St. Barts) is a French-speaking Caribbean island that’s popular among the rich and the famous. It is home to an array of stunning beaches, luxury yachts, designer boutiques, and breathtaking restaurants (my gig!). I was about to come back for yet another season (cause let’s face it, I had no complaints in serving people like Kate Moss and Gisele Bündchen by the beach), when it became clear that St Barts too became to small for me.

That’s when I decided to apply for a working holiday visa and explore Australia. 

I’ve always been very lucky in regards jobs – I don’t recall ever been unemployed. Whatever I do in life, I must always give the best of me, and I actually love exceeding people’s expectations by providing the best service I can… I also cannot imagine myself seating still, so I needed to have something ready for me prior to my arrival in Australia. Since I had nothing to loose, I sent out some resumes before even landing here… lucky or faith, you name it: Palazzo Versace Gold Coast, one of the leading hotels of the World had a position which matched my criteria. They were happy to meet me once I landed in the area.

You don’t realize you love Australia until you get here. I actually was never meant to stay – in my mind I was coming in for the working holiday visa, and that was it! All my belongings were still in France and I told my mum: “see you next year”. But it was so very easy to fall in love in here – in fact, when I think about it: Australia was love at first sight ! My first impression was: such an organised Country, clean and polite… and so many foreigners too. I then learned that multiculturalism is a reality of Australian society. Australians have a great sense of humour, a laid-back and relaxed life style which can also be seen by the way they dress, and sure know how to live life to the fullest!

Not all of course, is a fairy tale…Our story towards our permanent residency had its up and down. It was a long road until we finally conquered that position. Almost 5 business sponsorship later, lots of changes to the immigration terms and condition, nearly $30,000 AUD spent in lawyers, paperwork, etc, and nearly 10 years later: WE MADE IT ! We are Australian permanent residents as per 2018. And we couldn’t be more proud of ourselves, as it is such a hard journey… and we can’t wait to share it all with you.